Winter VS Summer Tattoo Healing

People like to get tattoos during the summer because they like to show off their new ink at the beach or at the pool. Getting a tattoo is an exciting process and showing it off to the world is all part of the fun. Tattoos are meant to been seen. yet summer is actually an extremely inconvenient time to get a new tattoo. Sure, we all want to show off our tattoos in a bathing suit on the beach but doing this during the healing process is not recommended. Fresh tattoos can become infected or damaged if they come in contact with direct sunlight and the bacteria that lives in the water, and the chemicals- chlorine in the pools. Aside from that it is likely that when you are hot you will sweat, this can cause the scab of your tattoo to become moist which can slow down the healing process. Other factors that may affect your tattoo through exposure is dust and dirt which can irritate the tattoo whilst healing. But we don’t think that you should miss out on all the fun, so instead get inked during the winter. To make sure that your tattoo heals beautifully keep it away from exposure to direct sunlight, it could make any tattoo to fade. So, to prevent sun damage, get your tattoo in the winter. In the winter, you’re most likely not going to be walking around in a bikini and even if you were, there is significantly less sun exposure to worry about during the winter. By getting a tattoo in the winter and allowing it to heal before the summer comes into effect, you won’t have to miss out on beach excursions or swimming in the lake, because your healed tattoo won’t be as prone to infection. If you have ever gotten a tattoo, you know that there’s a transitional healing period. Between the time that you get your tattoo and it heals, the tattoo will peel and scab over. This is completely normal and healthy for a tattoo, yet it’s a bit unsightly. When it’s summer and your tattoo is on display, you may get some questionable looks and comments if your tattoo is peeling. A lot of people don’t know that this is supposed to happen and it can get annoying trying to explain the phenomenon to people who don’t have any tattoos. But if you get a tattoo during the winter, you can cover up your tattoo while it is peeling and wait to show if off once it’s beautiful again. The last thing that you want is to pass out from the dangerous combination of tattoos and hot weather but you won’t need to sweat this if you get a tattoo during the winter. A new tattoo should be treated as a wound to prevent it from becoming infected. You may not look at it like a wound but after having needles penetrate the skin over and over it most definitely is a wound. The skin is broken, bleeding has occurred and scabbing will come. Keep your tattoo well protected and ensure that you follow aftercare instructions given to you by your tattoo artist.