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Miami beach is known as a tatted-up city, especially since the show on 2005 Miami Ink. There are more than 10 tattoo shops just on south beach, each one is well designed and professional.

But what if you don’t feel like driving all the way south to get inked, what if you live in Aventura, Surfside, Sunny isles Bal Harbour or Hallandale.

You could still get your tattoo at one of the best tattoo shops at Miami beach – North. This northern stretch of Miami Beach includes the old-fashioned band shell, a community center and an adjoining park at the north end.

Frequented by locals as well as visitors, it's quieter than beaches to the south, but just as beautiful.

The beach is wide and sandy, with concessions and showers.

The closest tattoo shop to north Miami beach is Oriana Tattoo.

Check out this tattoo shop that have perfected the art of body art.

Oriana Tattoo Studio is a state-of-the-art tattoo studio in the heart of Miami Beach- North, the center city for the tattoo industry.

Here you can find a team of old school artists with many years of experience of working together mixed with international artists with big names that bring something special to the table from aboard, such as the latest techniques and the newest updated equipment. The idea of the tattoo studio was to combine a family feel with international vibe just like this great city of Miami Beach and to bring it closer to the tattoo population in North Miami Beach.

Among our clients you can find local people that enjoy hanging out at the shop and keep collecting tattoos, celebrities, famous athletes and the tourists who visit the city and stay in the hotels in the area.

Thanks to our social media and our website, tourists that are planning their vacations here are booking their appointments in advance with their chosen tattoo artist before they arrive to Miami Beach.

This is because Oriana Tattoo has the best selection of artists that specialize in all types of tattoo artistry.

Oriana Tattoo was offered to join a reality show about the shop by several TV production companies.

Some of these include Spike TV's Ink Master Season 9 and Doron Ofir Casting in association with Big Fish Entertainment, the producers of the smash hit VH1 franchise Black Ink for Latin Ink Now.

In addition, the organization also offers an apprenticeship tattoo program at the Tattoo Academy.

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