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Oriana Tattoo History

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The first tattoo studio established by Chino, a well-known businessman in Miami, was over 30 years ago. Many of the famous Miami tattoo artists today started their careers at one of Chino’s tattoo studios around south Florida. In 2015 he decided to open Oriana Tattoo's state-of-the-art tattoo studio in the amazing city of Miami Beach. By the corner of 71st Street and Collins Ave across from the beach. Here you can find a team of old-school artists with many years of experience working together mixed with international artists with big names that bring something special to the table from aboard, such as the latest technics and the newest updated equipment. The idea was to combine a family feels with an international vibe just like the great city of Miami Beach. Among our clients, you can find local people that enjoy hanging out at the shop and keep collecting tattoos and tourists who visit the city and stay in the hotels in the area. Thanks to social media and our website, tourists that are planning their vacations here are booking in advance their appointments with their chosen tattoo artist before they arrive at Miami Beach. During their vacation getting a tattoo that means something really cool for the rest of their life. The door is open to everybody, whether you have a large budget or a small one, it doesn’t matter we custom-made the tattoo for your needs. We want people to be 100% happy. We are like a big family, people always come to the shop, get the vibe, and keep in touch on social media.  


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