Metal Art Sculpture

By Artist: Shmulik Mizrahi

Shmulik Mizrahi was born and raised in Israel, where he was first inspired to create metal art. His sculptures have been sold globally, from Israel to Miami.
Much of Shmulik's expertise and desire to work with metal stems from his many years working in his family business as a car radiator specialist in Tel Aviv. Spending so much time around metal, heat, and fire inspired him to create art from the materials around him. He decided to make metal sculpturing a profession after welding a few pieces of furniture and receiving amazing reactions from the people around him. Welding scrap metal is his medium of choice and was a natural decision. As an artist he never shied away from a challenge, and the possibilities of rendering the accurate complexities of human and animal bodies with such a crude and industrial material as iron greatly intrigued Shmulik.
“my vision on industrial material has changed since I started sculpturing metal. I don’t see it as junk or trash, every small piece is a treasure. Since I was a little kid My passion was always spending long hours in the garage with my father around fire, heat and the Brenner. I love what I’m doing, and it is always difficult for me to be separated from my artwork”. Shmulik’s work can be found in many galleries in Israel, and in Miami Beach at Oriana Tattoo Studio.
Call Today: 786.247.8736

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