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New School style Tattoos:Bright, vivid & cartoon-like

New School is a highly animated style of tattooing that reads like a more exaggerated version of the illustrative style. Typically the images created are caricatured characters doing out of character things. Common New School subject matters include personified objects and animals in fancy clothing.New school tattoos most prominent feature is the use of very bright colors: this has only been possible thanks to technology that made the use of colors almost limitless to artists. Bright saturated inks, large “strokes”, vivid pop of colors and cartoon-like shapes and volumes are what is today called New School: there isn’t one defined style, or most common subjects but you’ll definitely know a new school tattoo when you see it. You’ll know old school tattoos from the use of a limited color palette (mostly primary colors) and 2D shading; new school is all about colors you can’t find in nature and extreme 3D, almost graffiti-like shading. The outlines are also heavy, like cartoons and graffitis. New school tattoos can have old school subjects like nautical, owls, gypsies or animals, but they also often feature horror themes like zombies (always cartoon-like though), bubble lettering and even hip-hop themes.

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