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Artist: JON "La Flore"

Jon started his artistic career as a muralist in the streets of New York City. He got his Collegiate education in New York studying Visual arts. Jon was tattooing in New York before he moved down to Miami in 2014. He wanted to tattoo next to some of the industries leaders. With his ambitious, and motivated personality, Jon managed to make his way to penetrate the Miami scene, and become a tattoo artist in the Oriana Tattoo Studio. His development continued and he is now a tattoo instructor in the Oriana Tattoo Academy, where he prepares new artists in their apprenticeship program. Jon started tattooing as an American Traditional style tattoo artist, but has ventured off onto other styles such as Black and Gray Realism, Trash Polka, Water Color, etc.
Jon has a charming personality that makes everyone around him adore him, he is a loyal, responsible, and trusted artist. His Coworker’s, Customers and Students always feel comfortable when he is around.



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