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Artist: Gabriel Muchacho.


Gabriel Muchacho is one of the youngest and successful Tattoo Artist from Venezuela and he brings a unique style and technique, he has his own style of capturing thoughts and converting it in amusing pieces of Art, he made incredible cartoons tattoo with just a simple and brief idea from a client, he also has a very uncommon style that varies widely from every other one, which is Surrealism; and he specializes in Color tattooing, Black & Gray, Portrait and specially Surrealism Tattoos. You can see his passion speaking by thyself through his work, observing close; you can note that he likes to bring his work to life. He has growing immensely in the last couple of months, he has participated in 5 tattoo convention by this time, and proudly won his first Award, in the last one: Expo Tattoo Electric Tattoo 2015 – Maracaibo (Venezuela) 3rd Place Award: Color Category despite only having 3 years in this industry. He has been growing immensely in the last months. Gabriel Muchacho marks the difference between other ones, he shows his improvement and effort piece by piece, and we are all proud to have him as part of our team. We can rely heavily on him to continue to produce the quality work that he is producing for the studio.

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