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tattoo shop in miami
Artist: Frank Agujas.


Frank Agujas is a successful tattoo artist in Miami with thousands of loyal customers that have followed him throughout his long career. Frank started tattooing as a young teenager at studio x tattoo, and very fast was recognized as a unique talent in his field. His amazing personality as a calm and patient artist contributed to the admiration and respect he receives by his coworkers and customers every day. Frank grew up in Miami and he is bilingual in English and Spanish. After 25 years of experience in the tattoo and body piercing business, Frank is nowadays the main instructor at the Oriana tattoo academy. He is leading the apprenticeship program for the new artists in this growing industry with motivation and dedication. His experience, knowledge and passion of tattooing inspires his students, his teaching skills are excellent and easy to follow. Frank gives the apprentices a hands-on experience in learning the history and the importance of working in a sterilized environment and guides them to acquire their license and dream job.


the best tattoo studio in miami

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