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Artist: "PRETTY BOY" Luis Farrera.

Luis was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Since he was little boy, he was always involved in any artistic movement he could find. At 17 years old he was an already recognized award-winning graffiti artist in his city. At 18 he began studying architecture and after 2 years, he started his studies in industrial design. Ferrara had a culminating career as a Product Designer with honors. Tattoos were always a curiosity in his life, and this is how he began to fill cover his body with tattoos and be a part of the tattoo world. Him and his friends started experimenting with tattooing as a hobby, and influenced by
friends like Axel Lopez, Darwin Hernandez and Yomico Moreno. 
It is when he moved to Miami, when tattooing stopped being a hobby and 
became his biggest passion. 
Ferrera's favorite styles include: black and white, geometric, mandalas, lettering, etc.
He also enjoys adapting and developing any other styles to his skill.
"The most important thing is to find the right design for each client and have them leave with a smile and a desire to return for more ". 

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