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Best Tattoo

Deciding Which Tat Will be the Best Tattoo for You

Tattoos are as unique and individual as faces, so making the best tattoo choice involves several factors. Of course, some of the basics are the same for everyone. You'll want to make sure that your tattoo artist is highly skilled in the type of tattoo you want, and that you choose a good, clean tattoo studio in Miami Beach. It's always good to avoid brand-new artists and go for ones who already have plenty of practice. Finally, you'll want to choose a studio that offers excellent care instructions and that can help if anything starts to go wrong during the healing process.

Besides those basics, you'll find that the whole world is open to you when it comes to tattoos. The first thing you should do is consider your personality. Are you "large and in charge," wanting to display your personality and attract attention whenever possible? In that case, starting with a full-on sleeve tattoo isn't out of the question. That will make a statement that cannot be ignored!

If you want the ability to hide your tattoo, or you just don't want to automatically draw people's eyes simply by existing, you'll likely want a smaller design. You may also want a small design if you aren't too sure what you'll think of being inked.

Your work situation should also be considered. While it is much easier to get hired with a tattoo – even a big one – than it used to be, there are still professions that look down on ink. If you're in one of these professions, the best tattoo for you will probably be one that is covered by your normal work clothes.


For specific ideas about the best tattoo for your skin, set up a consultation with Oriana Tattoo, a tattoo studio in Miami Beach. They'll be glad to help you choose one that you'll be happy about for years to come.

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