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Should You Get a Trash Polka Tattoo?

You may see plenty of people with a trash polka tattoo in Miami, and it's easy to see why this style has become popular. Developed by Simone Pfaff and Volker Merschky in Germany in 1998, it has made its way to the United States and gained popularity as it became more well-known.

This is an instantly recognizable style that combines abstract designs in bold reds and blacks with a realistic foreground image. It definitely draws attention, and if someone with a trash polka tattoo runs into a person unfamiliar with it, questions are often elicited as well.

That said, these things don't mean that you should necessarily run to get a trash polka tattoo in Miami. That's because such a bold style becomes strongly associated with a specific era, and in this case, even specific people (such as the inventors of the style). If you're the type who will be bothered by being "off trend" in 20 or 30 years, when something new comes along, you should aim for a more timeless design. On the other hand, if you want to have a permanent memento of this time in your life, this is a great type of tattoo to get.

Not everyone will know how to draw a good trash polka tattoo, so if you decide to get one, you should be sure to choose the right artist in Miami to do it for you. One studio that has good artists is Oriana Tattoo, and they are actively letting people know that they are ready to draw these tattoos. If you're in the area, set up an interview with their trash polka artist in Miami.

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