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Artist: Anna Wasp.


Anna Wasp is a highly talented female tattoo artist, who has been working in Miami Beach for the last few years. Originally from Russia, she graduated from the Moscow Art Industrial University of Design with two masters’ degrees in Graphic Design and Fine Arts. She finished her education and left her country to find herself in the City of Tattoo and Art, Miami. Her work comprises of fine art, illustrations, fashion clothing, body art and of course tattoos. She is a very ambitious young artist who was able to shine out of the crowd of artists in Miami thanks to her talent and special motivated personality. At Oriana Tattoo, Anna is bringing the feminine touch of art and talent in an industry where this style is usually rare. Anna is also professional in temporary henna art tattoos. She specializes in many Tattoo styles from Old School tattoo designs, to amazing Mandalas and Dot-Work.  


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