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Professional Tattoo Artists
in Miami Beach

Top International Tattoo Artist:
Luis Alfredo Carmona 
Luis Carmona arrived at Oriana Tattoo as a guest artist from Valencia, Venezuela. He was one of the top renowned tattoo artists in the thriving Venezuelan tattoo industry, and his name and reputation are very well known in South America and Europe. He began his career as a tattoo artist in 2002 and has developed very quickly as a top-tier body artist. Born to two cartoonists, art has always been an integral part of his life and upbringing. It was no question that he would grow into working with art. He followed his passion and studied art at the Arturo Michelena University in Valencia, the biggest private University in Venezuela. He went on to open his own Tattoo studio in Venezuela and learned to become an entrepreneur and business owner. A very modest and easy-going person, with a broad artistic reach, which he combines with his communication skills to translate customers’ ideas into custom magnificent tattoo art. He is very attracted to the styles of the new school of realism tattoo and knows how to work efficiently with intense colors, and texture lines to create outstanding tattoo pieces. Oriana tattoo is very proud to say that Luis is the leading member of the Studio & Academy. Luis participates as the head Spanish-speaking instructor in the Oriana Tattoo Academy. He is an inspiration to the budding artist and is able to teach his students new techniques, styles, and customer relations.
ORIANA TATTOO 2021 (90).jpg
Artist: Jhony Domo.

Jhony Jaramillo known in the world of art as Domo tattoo is a tattoo artist and piercer from Colombia, with more than 10 years of experience in the world of art and body modifications, he grew up in Marinilla Antioquia, a city near Medellín which is characterized by its large community of artists, he opened his own tattoo shop in 2014 and became the best tattoo shop in the city, with a large group of resident artists and invited guests, his development of artistic qualities led him to tattoo for throughout South America and win several awards at national and international conventions, developing great talent for working hand in hand with clients to always capture art on the skin that will last a lifetime.

Artist: GABE.

Gabe Jaksic: Originally from Argentina, started his career there in 1982, opening the first tattoo shop ever there in 1989. He migrated to the United States in 1995 where he developed also his skills not only as a tattoo artist, winning several awards in tattoo conventions, but also as one of the pioneers in Cosmetic Tattooing, including micro-blading, permanent makeup, scalp pigmentation, and paramedical aesthetics, with two published books for techniques for these practices, specializing in areola simulation and scar camouflage. Award-winning artist and mentor for all these practices including tattooing at the Oriana apprenticeship program. 

He specializes in the following styles:

Traditional American 


Traditional Japanese 

Black & Grey 


Polynesian Tribal 

Flash Art



Juan Russo-Oriana Tattoo (3)
Artist: Juan Russo.


Dasha-Oriana Tattoo
Artist: DASH.


Ani Art-Oriana Tattoo
Artist: ANNA.


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